Surprise Proposal at Mead Botanical Garden

Kayla is absolutely amazing. I will pick her over and over again as my photographer. Kayla shot our surprise engagement and she made the process go so smoothly despite all my worries/nervousness! She made sure to let me know that she was here to help with anything and really made sure she knew what I wanted and captured it with such ease. We planned for almost 3 months together before the shoot! The surprise engagement included 14 members of family + kids and every single adult had nothing but good things to say about Kayla, how sweet she is, and how well she directed everything. She met my mom ahead of time and helped set up everything so beautifully. Our engagement was on December 23rd and we had our pictures on the morning of the 25th!! I was surprised at how quickly she got them to us despite it being a holiday. The pictures are amazing and we will cherish them forever. She made us feel so comfortable while shooting, played music we liked and made us giggle a ton! I have nothing but good things to say about Kayla and her work is so stunning. We appreciate you more than we can put into words!!
— Stefany
A few months ago (end of August), a friend sent me a screenshot of a photographer looking to shoot more lgbtq couples 🌈 , I immediately wrote her and volunteered us. Apparently by the end of September Stefany and Kayla switched plans up and turned our couple shoot into a surprise engagement. Boyyyyy was I surprised!!
Stef and I met 4 years ago and on 12/23/14 we had our first date filled with nerves, ran red lights🚦, and lack of focus while driving because this beautiful woman said yes to going on a date with me and was sitting in my passenger seat. 🚘
Fast forward to 12/23/18 I still can’t believe you managed to pull this off. I can’t even begin to explain how appreciative I am of the detail, planning, and love you put behind this engagement.
Kayla, I cannot thank you enough for the phenomenal job you did capturing this moment. Sincerely Thank you for the memories πŸ™πŸ½
— Rubie

Special thanks to my loving and hardworking partner, Chase, for assisting and second shooting this proposal with me. <3

Proposal video below by Murphy Production

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