Lake Eola Engagement Session

I just wanted to say how great Kayla was. Through emails she was responsive and sweet. She made sure to give me all the info I need it for the day of the shoot. The day of the shoot we were coordinating where to park and she made sure to wait for me to park near her so we can walk together. I made the poor choice of wearing cute heels that were a bit too big so I was walking real slow lol But she was real sweet and understanding and making sure I was comfortable the whole time. When we got to the location she immediately started showing us where we can pose and what to do. I’m not going to lie I was super nervous just cause I dont like being in front of cameras lol and right from the beginning she made me feel comfortable telling us just to be our normal selves. We walked around the park, which was really busy, and found good spots for pictures. She was conversational the whole time and was real and honest. The both of us, me and Josh, were definitely very pleased with her, complete professional and helpful in everything.
— Bibi + Josh

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